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Lucky Jim

With International Cat Day, World Lion Day and Erwin Schrödinger’s birthday all happening over the last week, we were inundated by requests (or, complaining mews) from the museum’s feline friends for a cat blog, so we asked our two Meow-keting Assistants, Kitty and Burnie, to pounce on some of the black cats we have in our collections for Black Cat Appreciation Day…

At our museum we tell some really big stories about science and industry, from the early days of the cotton and rail industries, when the speed of change was terrifying, to the science of the future, from robots to graphene and beyond.

Bob talking to visitors about Baby

To celebrate the Baby computer’s 70th anniversary, volunteer Bob Geatrell has written a post on what it’s like to work with our replica of the machine that gave birth to modern computing.

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