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At the museum

In this section, you’ll get a glimpse behind the scenes of the museum—from a day in the life of a volunteer and team building exercises, to the logistics of decanting our galleries or putting on a late event.

Robots in an exhibition

For over 500 years, we’ve been harnessing robots for all sorts of purposes. Robotics in car manufacturing are now the norm, and robotic limbs are propelling us into the future at a rapid rate.

On Wednesday 13 September 2017, we joined in the conversation with museums and museum-lovers all over the world for Ask A Curator day on Twitter.

Richard Evans, the creator of two events at this year’s Manchester Science Festival – Sentinel and Aeon: Patient X – talks about how he created his evocative performance piece. 

Bossa Studios banner
By Tracey McGarrigan

What’s a gamejam?

In this guest post, Bossa Studios CMO Tracey McGarrigan talks us through a gamejam, the starting point for all of her company’s games.

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