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Sprucing Up for Spring – Conservation for the Spark of Life

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There’s one week left until the Wellcome Collection’s Electricity: The Spark of Life exhibition opens in London on 23 February, the first leg of its journey to our new Special Exhibitions Gallery. But down here in the Conservation department, we have already been working hard on it for the past few months.

We have sent 28 of our own objects down south, ready for installation in the next couple of weeks, and each have needed their very own spa session to help them look their best. We have been carefully sticking, un-sticking, cleaning, painting and polishing so they are now not only beautiful to look at, but safe and stable for the grand adventure of being part of a touring exhibition.

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes at the conservation of the brilliant AEI Transformer group model made in the 1960s and gifted to the museum by English Electric. See if you can spot the colour change to the rather old battered corners.

And here it is now!


Picture of AEI Transformer group model


Picture of AEI Transformer group model


Picture of AEI Transformer group model

Written by Kloe Rumsey

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